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Challenging organic syntheses inspired by nature – from natural products chemistry to drug discovery

Start date: 2015              End date: 2018

Natural products (NP) have had a major impact on chemistry, chemical biology and drug discovery. Nowadays, drugs derived from NP have found widespread use for the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, bacterial and fungal infections. The general aim of this COST Action is to advance the field and to maintain the high level of expertise in NP chemistry within Europe by combining synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry, chemical biology, and pharmacology to find new lead structures of pharmaceutical relevance. Since chemistry plays a key role in addressing the industrial requirements for preclinical candidates in terms of physicochemical properties of NP and their analogues, this Action further aims to promote the translation between fundamental academic research and industrial drug discovery by means of NP chemistry.
Bulgaria representative – Dr. Georgi Dobrikov


FA COST Action TD1203
Food waste valorisation for sustainable chemicals, materials & fuels (EUBis)

Start date: 2012              End date: 2016

Food supply chain waste (FSCW) creates huge environmental, economic and social problems. There is now a growing recognition that the twin problems of waste management and resource depletion can be solved together through the utilisation of waste as a resource, using green and sustainable technologies. The EUBis Action represents a timely opportunity to develop novel strategies for the valorisation of FSCW to new, sustainable and functional feedstocks. The symbiotic organisation of a COST Action will greatly benefit EU research in this field, and will focus on key areas to provide cohesive direction on the valorisation of FSCW within a multidisciplinary and multinational collaborative network. The overall aim of EUBis is to bring about a critical mass of researchers and stakeholders to harness the potential of FSCW as an alternative carbon source to produce commercially viable chemical commodities. The EUBis Action will bring together skills and expertise that cross scientific borders, covering biology, chemistry, biotechnology and food science and technology as well as experts in environmental and economic assessment. EUBis will interconnect different technology hubs across Europe, overcome technological barriers, go beyond current waste exploitation/management approaches, and bridge gaps between academic disciplines as well as between academia and industry.
Bulgaria representative – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Margarita Popova



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